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What products are available in the builder?

Nearly every product that ezprints produces is available in the ezp Builder. As you will see below, to launch the builder with a particular product loaded, you pass a SKU to the builder. All the available SKUs are included in the Product Specifications Guide; please be sure to note the exceptions listed at the end of the guide.

How do I add a new product to my offering?

You can add new products to your offering by visiting the Product Center. Here you will be able to search for the product of choice, set your desired attributes and activate the SKU.

How do I change my product pricing?

To change your product pricing click the Product Center Tab, from here you can navigate to the specific product and use the slider to make global changes to your pricing. Changes will appear in the table below in real time.

How do I activate/deactivate SKUs?

To activate/deactivate SKUs click the Product Center Tab, from here you can navigate to the specific product and in the Change by SKU section you can use the check boxes to activate/deactivate SKUs.

Is sales reporting available?

Select Dashboard from the Manage Orders drop-down to view sales data.

How do I edit my templates after they have been uploaded?

You will go to the Review Templates page either using the link under the Design Center tab or via the Review Completed Uploads link on the Import Templates page. On the review templates page you will be able to search using a time range of Today, Yesterday, Last Week, Last Month or All Time. This will return a list of the PSD's used to create your templates. Clicking on a PSD name will display all templates created from that file. With each template you will have the option to: edit the Template Name and change the status of the template to Approved or Active/Inactive. In addition you will be able to preview the template in the builder, get a link to the XML for that particular template, download for edits to the artwork, photo and text regions or delete the template.

You can also get to templates to perform these same edits by viewing the templates for a particular design on the Design Editor page.

Can I view my designs in the builder before I set them to live?

Yes, within the Design Center you have the option to Review Templates. Here you can search for the design of choice and after clicking on it you will have the option to Preview in Builder.

Can I import all my new templates at the same time?

You can upload multiple template flies at once. From the Design Center you can select the option to Import Templates, from here you can add files and start upload.

Can I search my templates by design name or SKU number?

You can use the design name or the SKU in addition to a collection name or product to find templates.

How do I manage my problem orders?

You can access the Order Management tool by clicking on the Mange Orders tab. From the home page you will be able to access problem orders from the "Problems needing your attention box".

Where can I find my deployment key?

Your deployment key is located under the Builder Configuration tab in Account Settings.

Will updates within the tool happen simultaneously?

Yes, changes that are made in the tool to designs, templates or design collections will take affect immediately. The only circumstance where changes won't affect what is in production is when those changes are made to inactive templates or designs that don't belong to the design collection(s) being used in production.

Can my brands be combined into one view

No, each brand must be separate from one another. Please use the Administering Brand drop-down menu for easy access to other brands.

How do I add an additional user?

Additional users can be added by the brand administrator only by clicking Account Settings, Manage Users and then Add User.

How do I get access to other functionality?

In order to get access to other functionality it the tool you must be granted access by the brand administrator. The brand administrator can log into the tool and make the appropriate updates within Manage Users.

Resetting your password

If you have forgotten your password; please use the Forgot Password link on the log in page and a new password will be email to you.